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JR Viola 60 Years of Service

For over 40 years, J.R. Viola Cleaners has kept their customers looking like real lookers with their deluxe services and quality results. You've got a hectic schedule and no time to decipher the delicate cycle. Let J.R. do the laundry for you. With our convenient Home Pick Up and Delivery Service, you can spend less time running around town and more time getting pretty to go out on the town. We can clean, press and delivery that special outfit for a ring-a-ding night out with your main squeeze. Superior, timely Service, that's the J.R. Viola way.

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Life just got a lot easier. J.R. Viola Cleaners offers a free delivery service. Garments can be picked up and dropped off at your home or even at work. Whatever is convenient for you, J.R. Viola Cleaners can deliver your sparkling garments on a set schedule or on an as-needed basis.

For more information or to schedule your home delivery service, please complete the form below. One of our friendly employees will contact you within one business day. Thank You for choosing J.R. Viola Cleaners.

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  • J.R. Viola Dry Cleaning

    Dry Cleaning

    Using a solvent that is tough on stains but soft on fabric, skilled professionals in our dry cleaning facility can remove stains and odors, including smoke, to create the “like new” appeal that you first experienced. You can trust J.R. Viola to clean those items most important to you, such as wedding dresses, leather, furs, formal dresses and even draperies and linens.


  • J.R. Viola Executive laundry

    Executive Laundry

    From your shirts, pants, blouses, skirts, to your unmentionables, J.R. Viola Cleaners provides the superior care that your garments have never before received. Choose your starch level from soft to crisp, and then opt for the convenient wash-dry-fold packaging or placed neatly on a hanger. From Head to Toe, our Executive Laundry service will keep you fresh and pressed.
  • J.R. Viola Wedding Gown Restoration

    Wedding Gown Restoration
    and Preservation

    Bring back the treasure from the best day of your grandmother’s life and add it to your own. The dream dress can continue for generations. Bring that yellowed vintage wedding dress in, and J.R. Viola Cleaners can restore it to be worn again or displayed as if it was brand new.


  • Suede and Leather Cleaning

    Leather & Suede Cleaning

    With proper cleaning, genuine leather garments can give you many years of practical wear and enjoyment. Extend the life and look of your leather garment with J.R. Viola's Leather and Suede Cleaning Service.

  • Alterations and monogramming

    Alterations & Monogramming

    Missing buttons, a torn seams or a broken zipper can cramp your style. The experienced seamstresses at J.R. Viola will have you looking fab again in a timely manner and with professional quality. If you so desire, custom monogramming is also available to bring that special dapper touch to any personal item.

  • Quilt and Comforter Cleaning

    Quilt & Comforter Cleaning

    Nothing beats coming home after a long day at the office to clean, crisp sheets and a fresh-scented comforter. For that oh-so-swell experience bring your quilt, comforter or sheets to J.R. Viola. As part of our Executive Laundry services, Quilt and Comforter Cleaning will give you a fresh start every morning of every day.



Since 1964, J.R. Viola Cleaners has provided superior service and deluxe results to loyal customers in the greater Corpus Christi, Texas area. That's alot of satisfied folks. Here are a few testimonials from a few J.R. fans.

Holly Givens

JR Viola Review 1"As a working mom of 3, I have alot of laundry and little time to do it. J. R.'s home delivery and pick-up service keeps my family looking great and my sanity in tact."

Michael Garcia

JR Viola Review 1"I wear a coat and tie most weekdays. Keeping business attire fresh and crisp in the South Texas heat is a challenge. J.R. Viola gets the job done quickly. I always look pressed and professional."

Gina Krenchshaw

JR Viola Review 1"For a special occasion, I always have my outfit pressed and professionally cleaned at J.R. Viola. A freshly pressed, pleasant smelling dress is sometimes better than a new dress."

Our Services

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Executive Laundry
  • Wedding Gown Restoration & Preservation
  • Leather & Suede Cleaning
  • Alterations
  • Monogramming
  • Quilt & Comforter Cleaning
  • Home Delivery